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We surveyed 128 church photographers and photography team leaders to discover how they lead their teams and what keeps them up at night.

How does your team compare?

Table of contents

What’s inside the report?

Industry Insights

How does your photography team compare to teams at other churches? 

 What size churches are building photography teams?

Which department owns photography?


Cultural Trends

What cultural trends are shaping the world of church photography and how should you respond?

 What types of images should churches be capturing?

How is the number of potential photographers changing?

Insights from Photography Team Leaders

What challenges are leaders facing, and how can they be overcome?

 How are churches resourcing their leaders?

What systems are critical for successfully leading a church photography team? 

Insights from Volunteer Photographers

Where are volunteer photographers struggling, and how can leaders help?

What resources are volunteer photographers asking for?

How do volunteers feel about the teams on which they serve?


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